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1/200 & 1/400 Scale Diecast Airliner Series

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1:200 Scale Non-Premium Series

Item # Description Price Availability Purchase
HE-556972   USAF Boeing B-52 Bomber, Griffis AFB  $120.00 New  alert.gif (1971 bytes)
HE-558181   USAF Rockwell B-1B Lancer 128th Bomb Sq, Georgia ANG, $110.00 New  alert.gif (1971 bytes)
HE-558182   British Airways Landor De Havilland Canada DHC-7, "G-BRYD"    $79.95 New  alert.gif (1971 bytes)
HE-558228   Cargolux Boeing 747-8F 45th Anniversary, "LC-VCM"  $129.95 New  alert.gif (1971 bytes)
HE-558235   Vologda Air Company Yakovlev Yak-40, "RA87665" $59.95 In-Stock
HE-558037   Malev Hungarian Yak-40, "HA-LJA" $69.95 In-Stock
HE-557771   Azul Airways Embraer ERJ-195, "PR-AXH"  (Plastic Model) $79.95 In-Stock
HE-557382   Delta Airlines Douglas DC-6, "N1901M"  $89.95 In-Stock
HE-557252   Playboy Enterprise Douglas DC-9-30, "N950PB" $99.95 In-Stock
HE-557207   Luftwaffe Airbus A400M Military Cargo Aircraft  $119.95 In-Stock
HE-557542   Aircraft Cargo Loading Vehicle, 1:200  $27.95 In-Stock
HE-557221   Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 in Retro Color - Koln, "D-ABYT" $129.95 In-Stock
HE-555609   Aeroflot Airbus A330-300, "VQ-BEK" $119.95 In-Stock
HE-555772   Iberia Airbus A330-300, "EC-LUB" $119.95 In-Stock
HE-555524   Pan Am Airbus A300B4, "N202PA"  $89.95 In-Stock
HE-555364   Air Berlin Boeing 737-800W - Flying Home for Christmas, "D-ABMC"  $79.95 In-Stock
HE-554206   Condor Airlines Airbus A320 Peanuts, "D-AICE"  $69.95 In-Stock
HE-550116   Aeris Boeing 737-300, "F-GNFD" (1:200) $45.00 In-Stock

HE-550185   US Airways Boeing 737-400, "N417US" 45.00 In-Stock

HE-550215   Air Europa Boeing 737-800, "EC-HJP" $45.00 In-Stock

HE-550352   Hapag Lloyd Boeing 737-800, "D-AHLP" $39.95 In-Stock

HE-550406   Condor Airlines Airbus A320, "D-AICD" $49.95 In-Stock
HE-550413   Eurowings Airbus A319, "D-AKNG" $45.00 In-Stock

HE-550628   LTU Airbus A320 "Berlin","D-ALTD" $45.00 In-Stock

HE-550680   Aero Lloyd Airbus A321 TRIGEMA, "D-ALAK" $49.95 In-Stock

HE-553421   Luftwaffe Bundesrepublik Deutschland Airbus A319, "15+01"   $65.00 In-Stock

1:400 Scale Diecast Series Airliners Model
Item # Description Price Remark Purchase
HE-562577   Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-144, "CCCP-77114" $59.95 New  alert.gif (1971 bytes)
HE-562560   British Airways Airbus A318, "G-EUNA" $45.00 New  alert.gif (1971 bytes)
HE-562508   Tupolev TU-144 NASA Supersonic Test Lab, "RA-77114" $55.00 In-Stock
HE-562393   Delta Airlines Boeing 767-400 Breast Cancer, "N845MH" $59.95 In-Stock
HE-562416   United Airlines Boeing 7674-00 New Color, "N69063" $59.95 In-Stock
HE-562348   Aeroflot Tupolev TU-144 Supersonic Transport, "CCCP-77101"  $49.95 In-Stock
HE-562770   Condor Airlines Boeing 757-300 Peanuts Cartoon, "D-ABOJ" $45.00 In-Stock

*  All Orders Are Shipped out on Saturday & Monday Only  *

*  Prices & Availability are subject to change without notice *

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